- Scissoring Finish
a grooming technique that brings balance to the pet. Rather than simply using clipper blades, hand scissoring is a way to finish the groom in such a way that the pet is simply going to look better.
- Flea/Tick Treatment
Flea / Tick dips are effective in getting rid of fleas / ticks that live off our animals bodies.
- Brushing & De-matting
De-matting is getting rid of balls of fur or knots on your dogs coat and brushing is important to keep these knots from forming.
- Blow Drying and Permanents
After a bath we make sure to blow dry your dog for a silky coat and specialized to each dogs hair type.
- Nail Trimming
Nail trimmings are very important for a dog. If your dogs nails get too long they can break which is very painful for them. 
- Ear Cleaning & Plucking Ear Canal Hair
Just like how humans get earwax, so do dogs and their ears should be cleaned out regularly to keep them clean and healthy.
- Pet Cologne / Perfume Available
Wearing cologne / perfume isn't just for the owners. You want to smell good and so should your beloved pet.
- Daycare Available
Our limited daycare services are designed to provide safe, supervised, loving care for your pet(s).
- Teeth Brushing
Caring for your pet(s) hygiene is very important to us. Teeth brushing keeps your dogs teeth strong and healthy.
- Manicures & Pedicures
We love to make your pet(s) look great wherever they go. Giving them custom Manicures & Pedicures will make their nails look radiant.
- Anal Glands Drained
Draining a dog's anal glands can relieve your pet(s) from discomfort if the glands happen to get impacted.
- Full Body Massage
Massaging your pet(s) helps them feel relaxed and comfortable. Massaging regularly can help bond with your pet(s) and spot potential health problems.
- Apparel & Accessories
After every cleaning we make sure to give your pet(s) custom bows to make them look fresh and beautiful.
- Music Therapy 
Different types of music can relax a dogs mind and body to help them feel more secure while we are grooming them.

Dear Mary, 

      We just wanted to thank you again for your generosity. Cookie is so much happier after she came home from your salon. You are truly heaven sent! 


                                            Love, The Partridge Family